Shakespeare’s tragedy..... in a pub! 
Shakespeare’s classic tragedy set in a pub - “THE KING LEAR.”
Instead of a Kingdom - a pub!
Instead of a King - Mr Lear, the landlord!
When he announces his retirement and the division of his “kingdom” between his daughters, Mr Lear imitates his famous namesake and demands to know which of them loves him the most. In so doing he unleashes a tide of frustration and jealousy.
Hilarious and heart breaking, "THE KING LEAR" blends physical theatre, audience participation and clowning, all linked by Shakespeare's magnificent text. There will be irreverence, but no parody. SHIFTING SANDS play with Shakespeare’s ingredients yet remain faithful to his themes.
The result - accessible, comic, exhilarating, heart-felt theatre!
Touring spring 2017

23/02/2017      7:00 pm St Swithun's Church, Worcester  
24/02/2017      7:30 pm Wymeswold Memorial Hall 
25/02/2017      7:30 pm Harmston Memorial Hall  
26/02/2017      7:30 pm Bishampton Villages Hall        

02/03/2017      7:30 pm Bakewell Town Hall      
03/03/2017      7:30 pm Leadenham Hall 2000     
04/03/2017      7:30 pm Braunston and Brooke Village Hall     

March 15th (Wed) Theatre Severn

March 31st Heydour Parish Hall, Aisby, Grantham NG32 3NE      7:30pm
April 1st Ludlow Assembly Rooms

April 27 – Tullynessle & Forbes Hall AB43 6NH, Aberdeenshire
April 28 – New Pitsligo Village Hall AB43 6NH, Aberdeenshire
April 29 – Station Hotel, Portsoy AB45 2QB, Aberdeenshire

May 31st: The Clarence, Bury, Manchester - lunchtime and evening
June 1st: Ramsbottom Civic Hall, Bury, Manchester.
June 2nd (Friday) HAWTH, Crawley 7.45pm
June 3rd (Sat) DEDA , Derby
City Lit, London
May 23, 24 & 25
10.30am - 5.30m
This workshop looks at how the Clown can still play when the usual setbacks mount up to become truly tragic. When all others would be overwhelmed the Clown accepts the tragic and finds truthful ways to play with great emotions but not to parody them.
To book a place call 020.7831.7831
or go online www.citylit.ac.uk and click on "courses

City Lit, London
June 5,6 & 7
The Bouffons are the dark reflection of the Clown.
Bouffons live on the edge of society. They have been rejected because they are considered deformed, mad, ugly, morally corrupt and evil. Their mere existence challenges the morals and authority of everyone. Enjoy revealing your beauty, ugliness and stupidity on stage!